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Thanks for showing interest in our website! We’re glad to share happy news with all of you! We’re looking for contributors!

As you may know, Alfie Boe is a fansite dedicated to the ever talented Tenor singer of that name. While we would just love to dedicate our every second to coming up with fun, inspiring, and interesting articles, there are times where we aren’t able to do so!

What’s a dedicated bunch of busy people to do? Look for other dedicated people of course! If you have an insight about Alfie, music, musicals, and anything that pertains to the things that Alfie deals with, we’d love to publish it on our site.

Join our creative writing team and be treated to great friends, lots of laughs, and a lot of recommendation for wine and cheeses! We value individual voices and hope to provide a safe space for those voices to be heard. We aim to build a community that’s healthy and supporting. There is just too much negativity in the world already!

You don’t even have to have professional writing experience! If you can build well thought out, cohesive, and unique articles, we would definitely love to have you on board. Our site needs fresh blood—as does any site—it will help us stay current and form a stronger bond with different point of views.

If you think you’d like to take on the task of being a contributor for we would really appreciate hearing from you through 508-250-4609!