The Power of Voices: The Different Male Vocal Ranges

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Singing is something that a lot of us like to do. However, it is something that only some can do well. Join us today as we discuss the different male vocal ranges!

What is “vocal range”?

In music, notes are crucial. They’re what composers, artists, and anyone musically inclined rely on to produce cohesive compositions as instruments need to be tuned appropriately to hit certain notes. Instruments aren’t the only ones that rely on notes. Singers do too. However, every person’s capability is different.

Range refers to the sound or pitch that your voice can produce. Males and females have different ranges as our voices tend to be vastly different—especially after puberty. What we’ll be focusing on in today’s discussion are the male vocal ranges.

If you’re wondering why we’re discussing that, the answer is simple. You can gleam a better appreciation for Mr. Boe’s talents if you have a better understanding of what he can do! So let’s begin with countertenor!

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This particular vocal range is considered a gem in classical music and performances. As you may know, the male voice tends to dip low after they hit puberty. However, the countertenor doesn’t do that. This particular vocal range is said to be the highest in terms of male range. It is usually akin to the lowest one that females get to use.

From a male’s standpoint, that’s pretty high. Those that fall under this vocal range are able to high notes. If they record their voice, they’re often mistaken for females!


The range that is the home of Mr. Alfie Boe’s voice! Other than the countertenor, this particular range is considered to be rather high. In fact, it is one of the highest in the scale. While not as high as the countertenor, it is slightly below it in terms of measurement.

The tenor can have some pretty similar characteristics to countertenor yet has its own form of magic. If you need some well-known examples, the likes of Elton John would be in the Tenor range.


If there was something to be considered as the normal range of voice for males, it would have to be baritone. While not exactly “normal” it is certainly the most common range for most male singers.

Not to be dismissed though! Baritone carries deep and crisp notes that can really sweep you off your feet.

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If you’ve ever heard anyone speak or sing in a really, really, really low voice the vocal range they have is Bass! High five if you’ve ever sassed out to Barry White! What’s interesting about bass singers is that they’re not all that common yet add so much to a singing group. Most choirs often pamper their bass singer as they’re so rare! Bass carries a lot of power to their voice and it carries pretty far.

So there you have it!

Those are the four male vocal ranges (that we know of because you never know when they’ll discover more). Now you can try to listen to your favorite male artists and try to determine which range they belong to!

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